Damage Done by Hurricane Ian & Fiona

Impact of Hurricane Ian on Florida 

Hurricane Ian was a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that uprooted Florida from the core with winds raging up to 150mph. This catastrophic hurricane hit Florida economically by US$28-63 billion. From electricity outages that lasted for countless hours to 126 fatalities in Florida, the aftermath of Ian is becoming more vivid as the storm slowly regressed.

Satellite image of Hurricane Ian as it slowly gained strength and approached Florida
Flooding and electricity outages caused huge destruction in Florida

Approximately 2.5 million people were forced to take refuge in other places due to extensive flooding and torrid rainfall in parts of Florida. Rescue teams are going from one door to another in search of people that faced the wrath of Ian. Officials are still trying to aid those distressed people who lost their homes during the storm.

Massive rainfall submerged roads and caused flooding in Florida 

Florida is in dire need of support; Rescue missions are being carried out

Rescue missions are carried out via boat and aircraft. Ian shook the whole of Florida and covered the roads with ruins of broken-down buildings and uprooted trees. 

FEMA administrators stated that they are looking at both immediate and long-term needs. Restoration of electricity and safe drinking water is the primary requirement as of now and hence, adequate measures have been taken to meet the needs of the people in Florida. 

Coastal areas got no time to brace themselves

Coastal areas were hugely affected by the stormy winds of Ian

Ian originated initially from the North Atlantic region with an intensity of 70kt as a Category 3 storm. Slowly it progressed to a Category 4 storm with winds sweeping at a speed of 120mph, 140 mph and finally reaching 155mph respectively.

A storm of this magnitude stopped communications, collapsed bridges, and caused the water level to rise up to 18 feet in the coastal areas causing massive flooding. 2,160 flights were canceled, and ports were evacuated for safety reasons. 

Communication ceased as the water level rose due to rainfall and landslides.

Bridges collapsed; Communication stalled

The gradual strengthening of Ian caused landslides and rainfall that measured up to 12-20 inches in Florida. A huge number of people are still trapped in the floodwaters.

Tropical storms were observed at the Key West International Airport which recorded the third-highest storm surge after 1913. About 15 aircraft were damaged in South Florida. 

Ian’s offshore impact led to the gradual pulling out of an extensive amount of water from the Tampa Bay region. Lakes overflowed in certain parts of Central Florida. The anxiety and rush of people to save their lives led to innumerable accidents like getting drowned, and electrocution.

Impacts Of Hurricane Fiona On Florida

Satellite image of hurricane Fiona on the afternoon of September 22, 2022.

Fiona slams; Floridians face the wrath of nature

Hurricane Fiona was a Category 4 Atlantic Hurricane that created havoc in the Puerto Rico region and gradually shifted its way to Turks and Caicos Island. 

Starting as a Category 2 storm and winds raging to 115mph, Fiona later turned into a Category 4 hurricane with rainfall that measured up to 30 inches and caused flooding in the Puerto Rico region.

Collapsed buildings and ruins along the coastal region of Florida

Severe rainfall and stormy winds caused collapsing of buildings and electrical outages in various parts of Puerto Rico, which lasted for more than 48 hours and approximately 3.3 million people were without electricity, by the time Fiona slammed the island. Although electricity was restored, still the overall situation of the island is still bleak.

Destruction causes the downfall of the economy

Fiona, caused the downfall of the economy of the island by $10 billion dollars.
Only a handful of people are getting clean water supplies at the moment. 

Severe rainfall and stormy winds ceased communications in parts of Highway 10 and many people were found trapped inside several buildings in Utuado. 

To support the families affected by Fiona, an EDF grant of $5,000 was issued to provide clean water and other emergency commodities to the communities and churches in the Puerto Rico district. 

Houses were demolished and locals were forced to relocate

After storming through Puerto Rico, Fiona changed its course and continued north-west along the eastern parts of the Dominican Republic causing landslides, destruction of roads buildings, and uprooting of trees. Almost 12,000 people were forced to relocate while 2,500 homes were badly affected. 

Homeless people taking refuge to safeguard themselves from Fiona

Fiona’s winds ranged up to 88mph with waves reaching up to 40-foot. Meteorologists conducted Fiona to be one of the strongest hurricanes ever witnessed with a central pressure of 931.6millibars. 

Fiona vs Ian

The most upgraded forecasting tools considered Fiona to be stronger than Ian. Approximately four days prior to the lasing out of Fiona, it was estimated that Atlantic Canada would record the highest risk. However, before Ian made its way through Florida, the route in which it progressed was still unclear. 

Fiona traversed through the Atlantic with higher pressure and slowly made its way toward Atlantic Canada. The numerical calculation predicted Ian to be more chaotic and distinct.  

Rescue missions are being carried out, all hands at deck

Hurricanes are usually caused by heat waves and depression caused by the ocean bed. The gradual depletion of the atmospheric layers is making them potent with each passing day.
As the rescue mission still continues, it is unclear how many individuals are still missing. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are facing significant pressure on them as the number of injured people and death toll is rising.

Come and let’s join the affected people by providing them with food, clothes, and other necessary items. Let us all help them for a better future in such hard times. 




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