Hurricane Fiona Slams: Devastation Increases

Hurricane Fiona Slams: Devastation Increases

Hurricane Fiona has shifted its course to Turks and Caicos islands after devastating Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Records highlight that there was a downpour of approximately 30 inches in Puerto Rico, courtesy of Fiona.

It began as a Category 2 storm followed by torrid rainfall and turbulent winds that raised up to 115mph. The hurricane is expected to change course by Thursday and hit areas around Bermuda. It is categorized as a life-threatening Category 3 or 4 hurricane. 

Power Outage Still Continues in Puerto Rico

Official records declared almost five fatalities. Hence, the locals are advised to stay indoors and avoid travel. The flooding is expected to rise. The majority of the damage and landslides were caused by local buildings and trees collapsing. It led to massive power outages in various parts of Puerto Rico for more than 48 hours.

PowerOutage.US stated that more than 1.1 million customers were without any power supply for a long time. Electricity was restored in many places by 6:30 am Tuesday. Nevertheless, almost 80% of the island still remains in the dark. 

President Biden Announces Disaster Declaration

The lashing out of Fiona is estimated to bring down the economy of the island by $10 billion. The Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi said that President Joe Biden has declared to supply additional federal funds and support to the devastated territories in this hour of emergency.  

The landslides, flooding, and power outages have damaged the filtration plants. Only a handful of locals are getting clear water supply at the moment. 

Puerto Rico National Guard To The Rescue

The Puerto Rico National Guard rescued many people from an old-age home in Cayey. Nearly 21 bedridden and aged people were removed to safety. 450 active national guard members are working day and night. Additionally, 59 other people and 13 pets were rescued from a community in Mayaguez. 

Latest updates declared that the center (eye) of the storm has now shifted from the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, about 130 miles, near the southeast region of Grand Turk.

Winds are now blowing at a speed of 100mph with heavy precipitation. The tail of Fiona is still evident in major parts of Puerto Rico and murky rainfall of 4 to 8 inches still persists in that territory. 

A Flash flood emergency was declared in certain areas due to the sudden rise in the water level of many rivers including The Rio Grande de Arecibo. The water level rose approximately 13 feet in only an hour. 

Bridge Collapses, Communication Ceases In Utuado

A huge number of people were trapped near a collapsed bridge in Utuado. This is a part of Highway 10 and acts as a link to access the University of Puerto Rico and The Utuado Campus. This bridge was reconstructed by the National Guards after Hurricane Maria in September 2017. Nearly $3 million was spent.


Hurricanes are considered to be enormous heat waves. It comprises wind and rain which rise from the ocean due to depression. Depletion of air and environment are making hurricanes more potent and frequent. 

Fiona is supposed to pick up a higher pace in the coming days as it moves further north and north east. Please come forward and stand by those in this moment of distress. Join together to donate food, clothes, and other commodities or help them financially, mentally, and emotionally in such trying times. 



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